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Stand-Up Paddleboard Hydration Pack

The light-weight, minimalistic, form-fitting, all-weather proof, patent pending, extreme sports hydration system. Yeah, it's awesome!

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Lightweight Hydration Pack

With The Neoprene Pack Weighing Only 5.6 Ounces, It's

Sexy, Slim, & Lightweight

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Surfing Hydration Pack

We've re-invented

Extreme Sports & Hydration

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Hunting Hydration Pack

We Know Versatility

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Running & Hiking Hydration Pack

Patent Pending
Form Fitting Comfort


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Sports Hydration Pack

Learning From Mistakes Of Others

We've created the best hydration pack imaginable, just ask our athletes.

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Now Available!

The Dolfin Pack was born out of a need. A need for a high quality, durable, hydration system without all the fluff. We trimmed the fat, the pockets, the bulk plastic & metal fittings. We learned from the reviews and complaints about the other packs on the market. How they bounced up and down and were not secure, how people wished they were lighter. Our goal was simple, to create the most lightweight, form-fitting, and all-weather proof pack on the market and we achieved just that. Used now by professional athletes, surf your brains out surfers, cross-ocean SUPers, the die hard angler, your average joe runner, and even the extreme pogoer or two, Dolfin Pack is key to keeping you hydrated on the move.

World Class, Patent Pending, Hydration System

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What People Are Saying

We've had the opportunity to let some pretty awesome people test out the Dolfin Pack and guess what, they all loved it! Here's what a few of them had to say.



The neoprene pack weighs only 5.6 ounces! We ditched the bulky backpack look, cut out what wasn't necessary and removed the annoying plastic clips and fittings. Neoprene, elastic, and velcro, it's what we're made out of!

High Quality Product

We didn't settle on quality. All materials are top notch! 1.5mm high quality neoprene. Military grade elastic & velcro. Backed by our DP lifetime warranty!

1 Liter Reservoir

All DolfinPacks come with a 1L BPA FREE water reservoir. Wide mouth with handle for easy filling and cleaning, high flow bite valve, on/off toggle, and included dust cap. Neoprene hose cover to keep water insulated and cold in hot conditions and also prevent freezing in cold conditions. Removable bite valve for easy cleaning!

100% Waterproof

Made of 1.5mm neoprene, the DolfinPack is meant to be submerged underwater. All rings are made of plastic to prevent rusting & drainage holes at bottom ensure outside water does not remain in the pack.

Patent Pending Design - Tightest Fit Guaranteed

Our patent pending design & strap system is guaranteed to give you the tightest fit out of any hydration pack. By adding a strap that runs beneath your chest, it prevents the pack from bouncing. We guarantee this pack won't slide around during heavy movement!

Gender Equality

Of course our pack will work just as well for women as it will for men. We've designed it with everybody in mind! One-size-fits-all, all three straps adjust with velcro.


You can use the Dolfin Pack for just about anything whether you're a professional athlete or an average joe going on a run. With that said, here's a few sports we've found to be big users of the DP:

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.

- Steve Jobs -

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We like to thing we have a pretty rad product, awesome friends & even better adventures. Experience them with us.

The Founders

We're just a couple guys from Florida who love to do all the stuff that Dolfin Pack was designed for.

Proudly Funded With Kickstarter

We were honored to receive over $11,000 dollars in pre-orders via Kickstarter prior to even placing our first manufacturing order! We appreciate all the awesome support and encouragement that was provided by our backers and of course they are a big reason this product has come to be a reality. Want to learn more about the DolfinPack Kickstarter? Checkout our project.

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