Summer Vacations With DolfinPack In North Georgia

How has summer been treating you?  Hopefully lots of outdoors time, adventures, and perhaps a vacation? Mike, from DolfinPack, headed up from Florida to the Blue Ridge Mountains in Northern Georgia for a family getaway.  He shares some of his adventures as he blends DolfinPack in with all the fun!  Read more below: What a […]

DolfinPack Featured On Reddy Yeti

   Listen On iTunes Listen On Stitcher Hey there DolfinPackers!  We wanted to introduce you to our friends at Reddy Yeti who have shown us some amazing support over the last year.  Reddy Yeti is an outdoor enthusiast community supporting sports and outdoor start ups making gear for skiing, snowboarding, hiking, climbing, camping, surfing, biking, travel and […]

DolfinPack Hydration Packs Release On The Grommet

The DolfinPack office has been buzzing lately as we setup for some big releases over the next couple months. Up first is our highly anticipated release on one of our personal favorite sites, The Grommet! We reached out to The Grommet in early June and we were honored when DolfinPack Hydration Packs were accepted onto […]

Top Hydration Pack For Spartan Races & Obstacle Course Races (OCR)

Obstacle course racing has been growing year after year. It’s a true test of endurance and requires preparation and a great training ethic. When it comes to race day, it’s essential to have the best gear to compete at a high level. As for your choice of hydration packs for obstacle course races, DolfinPack is […]

Hydration On Vacation – The Lightweight, Go Anywhere Hydration Pack

As founders of DolfinPack, we do most of our product testing on our own personal adventures.  Therefore, DolfinPack was meant to travel!  We wanted to give you a quick breakdown on why the DolfinPack hydration pack is the best go anywhere hydration pack: Lightweight Space Saver – The minimalistic patent pending design makes this pack […]

Top Marathon, Running Hydration Pack

Recently, Hydration Anywhere gave DolfinPack Hydration Systems the coveted award of “Top Running Hydration Pack”.  Needless to say, we were pretty excited and immediately blasted through all of our social media channels that we had ousted the top players such as CamelBak. So why are our packs so much better than the rest?  Why are […]

Hunting & Fishing Hydration Pack

Hunting season is upon us. Cold, crisp air, mourning dew, there’s never a better time to be in the outdoors. We’ve had a great response from the hunting & fishing community.  Most recently at the Florida Sportsman Expo in Jacksonville, FL.  It can be long days in the stand or on the water and hydration […]

Stand-Up Paddleboard (SUP) Hydration Pack

Stand-Up Paddleboarding has had exponential growth as a sport over the  last 10 years.  SUP racing events, distance events, and community paddles have been popping up throughout the country and for good reason!  Stand-Up Paddleboarding is an awesome way to stay in shape during the flat spells when all you want to do is get […]

Jacksonville Business Journal – DolfinPack Feature

Last week DolfinPack was privledged to be featured in the Jacksonville Business Journal as a “Great Up and Coming Product from Northeast Florida”.  Have a look at the write-up!

The DolfinPack Girls

We are fortunate enough to have some awesome friends ready and willing to help us.  They’ve been more then cooperative with our ridiculous photoshoots / product testing sessions and we’ve been able to get some pretty good footage of the packs in use.  We’ve had these guys and girls up at 6:00AM to get some […]

The First Surfing Hydration Pack

When DolfinPack originally began to come into focus, it revolved around surfing.  Mike and I had both worked at Surf Station, one of the largest surf shops on the East Coast, for 4+ years and knew the industry very well.  We quickly realized that this awesome hydration pack we were creating would have uses far […]

DolfinPack Visits the Caribbean

We’re getting closer and closer to the debut of the DolfinPack Hydration system on the open market.  You better believe it’s hard to keep in the excitement.  In the meantime, we’ve been honored that our awesome friends have been so psyched on the product they’ve been asking to take it with them on all of […]

DolfinPack Tees Done!

While our focus is 99.9% on making the best extreme sports hydration pack the world has ever seen, we decided to focus 0.1% on making some badass t-shirts to complement them.  Both of us having worked in the surf / retail industry for over 5 years know what we look for in a t-shirt.  Yeah, […]

DolfinPacks To Come In 4 Unique Colors!

After much deliberation, we have decided on the first four colors DolfinPack will be manufactured in.  We have chosen the original black, an awesome aqua blue, steel grey, and a slick camo print that we think everybody will love.  We can’t wait to make these available to the public. 

Kickstarter Campaign Funded

Thanks to all of our awesome backers we have raised over $11,000 dollars in DolfinPack pre-sales.  This has enabled us to place our first manufacturing order which will be completed in about 8 weeks!  Thanks for the support and we can’t wait to make this product a reality! Keep checking back on our blog for […]

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