DolfinPack Tees Done!

While our focus is 99.9% on making the best extreme sports hydration pack the world has ever seen, we decided to focus 0.1% on making some badass t-shirts to complement them.  Both of us having worked in the surf / retail industry for over 5 years know what we look for in a t-shirt.  Yeah, designs are cool but anybody with a decent understanding on Photoshop / Illustrator can make a decent looking shirt.  While the design initially sells me on a shirt, my #1 priority is always the quality of the blank tee.

Therefore, I’m proud to say we bought some damn expensive blank t-shirts.  Not just expensive because we thought expensive was better.  No, we tried and tested over ten different blank tees before we decided on these two.  Yeah, the wholesale company was getting pissed at us.

So while we have no plans to become the next big clothing company in the world, don’t be surprised if you see a DolfinPack shirt cruising down the sidewalk coming at you in the months to come.  Not only are the designs pretty bad ass.  Our shirts are as comfortable as they come.

Quick Breakdown of the Tees

Two of our shirts feature the DolfinPack logo front and center.  Bam! One of our tees has a small logo on the side sleeve with a bold, black pocket hand sewed by Vintage Pocket Tees (a local St. Augustine company) on the left chest.  Our fourth and final tee will be a limited edition and is titled “The Most Hydrated Man In The World”.  Hand drawn by Sara Lear specifically for DolfinPack, this tee is bound to be a hit.  Pick it up before we sell out!

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