About Us

The Team Behind DolfinPack

We’re a couple of Florida natives that like to do everything DolfinPack was designed for. We went searching for a more versatile hydration pack. One that could go in the water, not bounce up and down on your back, and was so form-fitting, that you forgot it was there. We realized it didn’t exist, so we made it!

Mike Pimental

Mike was born and raised in Florida spending most of his life in or on the water. Surfing, fishing, boating, and his dog Nala are a few of his favorite things in life. Mike is the operations guy behind DolfinPack and handles most of the day-to-day tasks ensuring quality control, shipping & customer service are of the highest standards.

Cabe Nolan

Cabe also grew up on the beaches of Northeast Florida enjoying the water and adventure that it offers. Cabe & Mike first met while working at a surf shop in St. Augustine which is where the concept of DolfinPack came to be. Cabe handles most of the manufacturing and marketing related tasks with DolfinPack.

Funded Through Kickstarter

We were honored to receive over $11,000 dollars in pre-orders via Kickstarter prior to even placing our first manufacturing order! We appreciate all the awesome support and encouragement that was provided by our backers and of course they are a big reason this product has come to be a reality. Want to learn more about the DolfinPack Kickstarter? Checkout our project.

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