Frequently Asked Questions


Does the DolfinPack ship with a warranty?
For sure! We 100% stand behind our product as we know it’s made of top quality materials and workmanship. We had originally written up a lifetime, no questions asked warranty but some really smart lawyer people told us that there were people in the world who might take advantage of that. Who would do such a thing?! Anyway, we still have a lifetime warranty in place but for the fine print, checkout the Warranty Page.

No water is coming out of my reservoir hose. I don't see a slit in the rubber mouthpiece, is my pack defective?
Sorry about this!  Thankfully, it’s a pretty quick and easy fix.  During the manufacturing process, in rare cases the hole at the end of the mouthpiece can become re-sealed.  The hole is still there, it just needs a little pressure to ‘pop’ back open.  Taking both of your thumbs, press on either side of the rubber bite valve.  The hole should pop open.  If it doesn’t try adjusting your grip by moving your thumbs to the opposite sides and try pressing again.  If you still cannot get the hole to pop open, please contact us so further action can be taken.

I received a small, black, plastic piece with my pack. I'm not sure what it's for, can you explain?
That small piece is known as a dust cover.  Most DolfinPack users prefer not to use it which is the reason we ship it separately.  To install, pull off the rubber mouthpiece on the end to expose the plastic holder, open the dust cap and place the bottom hole on top of the plastic holder.  Re-install the rubber mouthpiece by applying pressure and twisting back and forth until the mouthpiece is all the way back on the plastic holder.  Note that this may take a good bit of pressure and twisting back and forth to get the mouthpiece back on.  Once installed, you should now be able to close the cover on the dust cap to keep the mouthpiece clean of dirt, dust, and the rest of natures elements.

I seem to have water leaking from my reservoir cap. Is this something I can fix?
Typically, yes! Please unscrew the reservoir cap and flip it upside down so you can see the inside of the cap. There should be a circular rubber seal (or O-Ring) that surrounds the inside of the plastic cap. Make sure that seal is pushed all the way down until it is flush with the plastic. Fill it up with water, tightly close the cap, and hold it upside down to see that fixed the leakage issue. Also make sure the threads on the cap and the reservoir line up when you screw it back on.

What about securing the water tube, does it flap around when in motion?
Absolutely not! We’ve built in two tube holders on the right and left side of the shoulder straps to hold the tube in place. Depending on your weight, and gender, there are different ways to secure the hose, either by running it from the left side holder to the right, or running through a single side and then securing the hose beneath the chest strap. Experiment with a few different ways and see what works best. Overall point, YES, the tube can be easily secured in multiple ways.

So there's no pocket for me to put keys, phone, etc. in?
Technically no. We did not create a specific pocket for you to put your phone and keys in which is part of the reason our pack is so light, & form-fitting. With that said, the main pocket where you put the reservoir is capable of holding additional items. For example, you could pull your house key off your main key chain and toss it in for easy access when you are done with your adventure/exercise. Be mindful that that reservoir may perspire a little bit so we always recommend putting sensitive electronics into some kind of dry bag before placing them in the main pouch.

What is the size difference between the V1 and the V2?
The version two is about 1.5″ taller than the first version. It’s barely noticeable and does not feel bulky at all. We even use the same packaging for both versions.

What about returns?
For sure, no problem! Contact us within three days of your product arriving. Product must be unused to be acceptable for a return. Unless the product is defective or there was an issue on our end with the product shipped, you will be responsible for paying the return shipping back to us. Note that our shipping costs are non-refundable.

Do you offer bulk team or organization pricing?
Yes! Contact us today for more info. We can customize the DolfinPack with your companies logo / colors.

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