The First Surfing Hydration Pack

When DolfinPack originally began to come into focus, it revolved around surfing.  Mike and I had both worked at Surf Station, one of the largest surf shops on the East Coast, for 4+ years and knew the industry very well.  We quickly realized that this awesome hydration pack we were creating would have uses far beyond surfing but it was still an industry we planned on focusing on as it was completely untapped.


Some people had previously attempted to create a surfing hydration pack but they were too bulky, moved around to much, or had big metal or plastic fittings. How are you supposed to lay down on a surfboard with metal or plastic clips protruding into your chest? It just didn’t make sense.


After months of work we created a hydration pack that is truly meant for Surfing.  It’s lightweight, minimalistic, and 100% waterproof in design which makes it a perfect compliment for those 1/2 mile paddle-outs or marathon hurricane sessions where paddling in is not an option.  The DolfinPack may not make a fashion statement out in the water (even though we think it looks pretty awesome) its functionality in certain surfing situations makes it a must-have addition to your accessory quiver.


Check out this video clip below as Mike gives the DolfinPack some test runs in Central America.