DolfinPack Hydration Packs Release On The Grommet

The DolfinPack office has been buzzing lately as we setup for some big releases over the next couple months. Up first is our highly anticipated release on one of our personal favorite sites, The Grommet!

We reached out to The Grommet in early June and we were honored when DolfinPack Hydration Packs were accepted onto the platform. After all, only 3% of products submitted to The Grommet are approved.

After a month and a half of generating content, video footage, and getting our ducks in a row, we are pleased to announce that today is the official release day! Join us on The Grommet today as we answer live questions on the DolfinPack product in the official forum, here:

We thank everybody for supporting DolfinPack so far and we are extremely honored to be apart of your outdoor lives.


Cabe & Mike