Top Marathon, Running Hydration Pack

Recently, Hydration Anywhere gave DolfinPack Hydration Systems the coveted award of “Top Running Hydration Pack”.  Needless to say, we were pretty excited and immediately blasted through all of our social media channels that we had ousted the top players such as CamelBak.

So why are our packs so much better than the rest?  Why are the so versatile?  Why are they so comfortable and lightweight?  Today, we’re going to look at the features that separate DolfinPack from the other hydration systems on the market:

1. Minimalistic

We had a goal with this product when we came to market and we haven’t strayed.  We’ve received lots of feedback from product users and we’ve implemented most of that feedback in DolfinPack version 2.  One thing we didn’t stray from was a minimalistic design.  Despite the few pleads we received from our customers about the need for a secondary pocket or more storage, we stayed true to our roots.

If you want a big, bulky hydration pack that functions more like a purse than a water hydration system, DolfinPack is not for you.  If you want a minimalistic, form fitting hydration package with enough room to store the reservoir as well as some other goodies, then you’ve hit the jackpot.

2. Price Point

Why is a hydration pack $80.00?  Why is a hydration pack $120.00?  Are you kidding me!  Another one of our goals was affordability.  However, we weren’t willing to sacrifice quality, don’t those go hand in hand?  Not necessarily.  Here at DolfinPack we’ve establish a strong direct to consumer marketing strategy, along with our minimalistic approach to design, has made it possible to pass those incredible savings along to you, the customer.

3. Versatility

We wanted to create a hydration pack that could go anywhere.  We like to do a lot of stuff, and our customers are no different.  Wouldn’t it be great if there was a hydration pack that could go everywhere with you?  Into the room comes DolfinPack, the go anywhere hydration pack.  From our all neoprene design, to our insulated hose cover, to the neoprene wrapped straps for extreme comfort, DolfinPack is great for all!  Whether you’re going for a marathon surf session in Central America, running an actual marathon in humid Florida, stand-up paddleboarding through our beautiful rivers and oceans, hitting the slopes in Colorado, or just going for a hike in the local campground, DolfinPack will get the job done!

4. We’re Cool

The counts for something right?  We’re not your mega company shipping out hundreds of products per day.  We’re your friends down the street who saw a niche in the market and acted on it.  We’ve taken all the amazing feedback we receive from each and every one of our customers and we’ve acted on it.  We’ve replied to your emails, we’ve become friends, we’re just like you.  The end result is a great product tailored to you!

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