Stand-Up Paddleboard (SUP) Hydration Pack

Stand-Up Paddleboarding has had exponential growth as a sport over the  last 10 years.  SUP racing events, distance events, and community paddles have been popping up throughout the country and for good reason!  Stand-Up Paddleboarding is an awesome way to stay in shape during the flat spells when all you want to do is get on the water and enjoy mother nature.

With this increase in SUP enthusiasts, stand-up paddleboard hydration packs have sprung up from different manufacturers all with one common goal, to keep athletes hydrated on the go.

DolfinPack entered the market earlier this year with their own twist on the stand-up paddleboard hydration pack.  Being the first company to focus on making the pack waterproof using high quality neoprene, military grade velcro & elastic, and a lightweight, minimalistic design.  The design has since taken off selling over $11,000 worth of pre-orders on Kickstarter prior to releasing the product.  From there, they quickly expanded internationally securing distributorships in France and several other countries throughout the world.

If you are looking for your first SUP hydration pack or have a big race coming up and looking for the most cutting edge gear on the planet, give DolfinPack a look.  Their patent pending design is sure to empress and leave you with an unfair advantage on the water.

Outside of the SUP market, DolfinPack can be used for any other sports you are involved in including: Running, Biking, Skiing/Snowboarding, Rock Climbing, Surfing, Kayaking, Fishing, Hunting, and any other sport where on the go hydration in a minimalistic form is key.

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