Top Hydration Pack For Spartan Races & Obstacle Course Races (OCR)

Obstacle course racing has been growing year after year. It’s a true test of endurance and requires preparation and a great training ethic. When it comes to race day, it’s essential to have the best gear to compete at a high level. As for your choice of hydration packs for obstacle course races, DolfinPack is the obvious choice.

DolfinPack started in the water market, focusing on stand-up paddleboard hydration. Soon after launch, it quickly began picking up steam in the marathon & running markets after being voted “The Top Hydration Pack For Marathons by Hydration Anywhere”. Since then, the DolfinPack has become the premier hydration pack of choice for Spartan Races & other obstacle course training. Why? Here are five great reasons you should choose DolfinPack:

  1. Lightweight – The DolfinPack weighs in under a pound without water. It’s extremely lightweight and fits comfortably on your back. No more bouncing, shifting, rubbing, just lightweight, form-fitting comfort that you won’t even realize is there.
  2. Form-Fitting – We touched on this in point #1. DolfinPack uses a patent pending strap system to lock the pack to your back. Our elastic straps create a one-size-fits-most that can stretch to meet the demands of your body. The neoprene wrapped straps ensure that that pack fits comfortably, does not rub (even on bare skin), and never shifts around during heavy movement.
  3. Easy To Clean – DolfinPack is made of neoprene, the same material wetsuits are made out of. When your done with your race, simply spray off the pack with a hose and hang it out to dry. Our reservoirs feature a large mouth fill valve which allows you to reach your entire hand inside to clean.
  4. It’s Affordable – Coming in at only $44.95 for our version two 1.5L pack, DolfinPack is very affordable versus alternative options.
  5. It’s Time Tested & Durable – DolfinPack has been around since 2014 with relatively the same design. These packs have been put through the ringer and will hold up for your Spartan Race. Our hydration packs are made with the highest quality materials including military grade elastic.

We’ve received countless positive feedback and testimonials from our customers who use the DolfinPack hydration system for Spartan & other Obstacle Course Races. They continue to recommend our products due to the versatility, lightweight, and durable products we create. Here’s a recent review posted via Amazon:

I just ran a Spartan race and was concerned about my Camelbak absorbing too much water and holding lots of mud while I ran. So I ordered this Dolfin Pack to use instead. Definitely the best decision I could have made. This pack is super comfortable and light. It fits securely and thanks to the neoprene, it did not chafe me in the least even when I was soaking wet. Since the straps are fitted using velcro instead of buckles, adjustments were easy and fast. Plus the pack did not shift as I drank the water.
No mud stayed inside due to the drain holes in the bottom so I had zero added weight from mud and muck.
The water storage capacity is perfect. I did not fill mine completely full so I had a bit of space to include a waterproof bag with a tracker inside for my husband to follow my progress with. There is no additional storage space otherwise. I’m a bit torn on whether I would want that or not as it could compromise how the pack fits and drains but for a longer race, I will need to have fuel like GU or NUUN tabs with me so I may need to find another way to do that.
I did have to use a bit more pressure on this bite valve to get water out but it wasn’t anything that affected my thoughts on the pack.
This thing was completely coated with mud after the race but washed clean in only a couple minutes with cool water and a cleaning brush. This will now be the pack I use for every race I run. I have a beast in August and a half marathon in Sept. and I plan to use this pack for all my OCRs.
Thank you Dolfin Pack!! I was not paid to write this or given anything for a good review so this is what I truly think of the product.
Since this worked so well, I am also looking at the hydration armband for short runs. Once you find something this good, you stick with ti!

Do you have an upcoming Spartan Race you’re preparing for? Get the best gear on the market, order your DolfinPack today!

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