Hey there DolfinPackers!  We wanted to introduce you to our friends at Reddy Yeti who have shown us some amazing support over the last year.  Reddy Yeti is an outdoor enthusiast community supporting sports and outdoor start ups making gear for skiing, snowboarding, hiking, climbing, camping, surfing, biking, travel and more.  The goal is to connect their audience with the best up and coming products and brands from the outdoor industry that they themselves have tested and stand behind.

The beginning of the year we sent the Reddy Yeti team DolfinPack hydration systems for their staff to use and review.  Needless to say they loved the packs which were primarily used on the back country slops skiing and snowboarding.  After writing us a stellar review they continue to market for us via social media and promote our hydration pack.  Over the last year they have connected us with their vast ambassador base and continue to help increase the DolfinPack brand image.

Recently they contacted us about doing a podcast in promotion with a giant holiday giveaway they are doing with over $1700 in gear including: Sego Skis, Grass Sticks, Truck Glove, DolfinPack of course and more!  There will be 2 winners and for your chance at this awesome prize pack simply click the button below and enter some basic information:

Enter Giveaway


Be sure to check out the podcast as it talks about DolfinPack’s humble begins from the original idea for the hydration pack, how the first prototypes were made on our living room floor, what drives us, the highs and lows of entrepreneurship and all the things DolfinPack has in store for the future!  https://www.reddyyeti.com/blog/lightweight-hydration-pack-dolfin-pack-podcast