Hydration On Vacation – The Lightweight, Go Anywhere Hydration Pack

As founders of DolfinPack, we do most of our product testing on our own personal adventures.  Therefore, DolfinPack was meant to travel!  We wanted to give you a quick breakdown on why the DolfinPack hydration pack is the best go anywhere hydration pack:

  1. Lightweight Space Saver – The minimalistic patent pending design makes this pack ideal for any traveler; especially those who want to pack light or are on a budget. The pack weighs less than a pound when empty and the 100% neoprene construction allows it to be folded up and put inside any size duffle bag or backpack. This pack is truly designed to go anywhere and everywhere!
  2. Traveling Makes You Thirsty – You can’t bring much of anything through airport security these days and who wants to buy that $8 bottle of water at the entrance to Gate 15. Once you enter the terminal simply find a water fountain and fill up your 1.5L reservoir.  You can then throw the pack in your carry on and have enough water to last on your long flight to your favorite snowboard destination.
  3. Vacation + Adventure = A Need for Hydration – For most travelers a vacation is about exploring and adventure, or relaxation, or most times both. If you’re laying on the beach near an equatorial destination then you might get pretty thirsty while baking in the sun.  Fill up your DolfinPack with your favorite beverage and tan away without having to move an inch to take a sip!  For the more adventurous traveler hydration is simply a need.  Who wants to carry a water bottle while cruising down a mountain or paddling out to your favorite surf break.  Once you have this pack on you will forget it’s even there!
  4. Utility – The DolfinPack was specifically designed to be user friendly and versatile. This pack will keep water cool or from freezing in almost any climate on the planet.  Throw your keys, an energy bar or other small belongings in your pack and be ready for whatever the day throws at you!

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