Stand-Up Paddleboard (SUP) Hydration Pack

Stand-Up Paddleboarding has had exponential growth as a sport over the  last 10 years.  SUP racing events, distance events, and community paddles have been popping up throughout the country and for good reason!  Stand-Up Paddleboarding is an awesome way to stay in shape during the flat spells when all you want to do is get on the water and enjoy mother nature.


With this increase in SUP enthusiasts, stand-up paddleboard hydration packs have sprung up from different manufacturers all with one common goal, to keep athletes hydrated on the go.


DolfinPack entered the market earlier this year with their own twist on the stand-up paddleboard hydration pack.  Being the first company to focus on making the pack waterproof using high quality neoprene, military grade velcro & elastic, and a lightweight, minimalistic design.  The design has since taken off selling over $11,000 worth of pre-orders on Kickstarter prior to releasing the product.  From there, they quickly expanded internationally securing distributorships in France and several other countries throughout the world.


If you are looking for your first SUP hydration pack or have a big race coming up and looking for the most cutting edge gear on the planet, give DolfinPack a look.  Their patent pending design is sure to empress and leave you with an unfair advantage on the water.


Outside of the SUP market, DolfinPack can be used for any other sports you are involved in including: Running, Biking, Skiing/Snowboarding, Rock Climbing, Surfing, Kayaking, Fishing, Hunting, and any other sport where on the go hydration in a minimalistic form is key.

The DolfinPack Girls

We are fortunate enough to have some awesome friends ready and willing to help us.  They’ve been more then cooperative with our ridiculous photoshoots / product testing sessions and we’ve been able to get some pretty good footage of the packs in use.  We’ve had these guys and girls up at 6:00AM to get some sunrise paddles in, almost ran people over with boat engines, and even dragged people out in the hot, Florida, summer sun to do 5k races, marathons, and other events!  The results of the testing has been amazing and hey, at least they were well hydrated while doing all of this.


Today we’d like to bring you a quick edit of some of our gorgeous DolfinPack girls putting the packs to use.  Check it out!

The First Surfing Hydration Pack

When DolfinPack originally began to come into focus, it revolved around surfing.  Mike and I had both worked at Surf Station, one of the largest surf shops on the East Coast, for 4+ years and knew the industry very well.  We quickly realized that this awesome hydration pack we were creating would have uses far beyond surfing but it was still an industry we planned on focusing on as it was completely untapped.


Some people had previously attempted to create a surfing hydration pack but they were too bulky, moved around to much, or had big metal or plastic fittings. How are you supposed to lay down on a surfboard with metal or plastic clips protruding into your chest? It just didn’t make sense.


After months of work we created a hydration pack that is truly meant for Surfing.  It’s lightweight, minimalistic, and 100% waterproof in design which makes it a perfect compliment for those 1/2 mile paddle-outs or marathon hurricane sessions where paddling in is not an option.  The DolfinPack may not make a fashion statement out in the water (even though we think it looks pretty awesome) its functionality in certain surfing situations makes it a must-have addition to your accessory quiver.


Check out this video clip below as Mike gives the DolfinPack some test runs in Central America.

DolfinPack Visits the Caribbean

We’re getting closer and closer to the debut of the DolfinPack Hydration system on the open market.  You better believe it’s hard to keep in the excitement.  In the meantime, we’ve been honored that our awesome friends have been so psyched on the product they’ve been asking to take it with them on all of their personal trips.  While our prototypes have had limited availability (and the fact that we’ve created so many prototypes that we’ve been reluctant to give the older prototypes out), we’ve managed to get the DolfinPack to some pretty amazing places.


This last trip took the DolfinPacks down to the Caribbean, more specifically the British Virgin Islands, and even more specifically, my personal favorite spot in the world.  While I was absurdly jealous of their trip, I was honored they were willing to take some awesome pictures.  Take a look at the gallery and melt into the crystal blue waters and white sandy beaches of one of the greatest places on earth.


While you won’t find any extreme action shots in this gallery, you’ll notice that it’s not always what the DolfinPack is all about.  With the neoprene pack weighing in at only 5.6 ounces, it’s a simple accessory to bring for the casual SUP paddle to the beach, or the day fishing excursion away from your home base.  P.S. – when you’re in the Caribbean, the pack is not always limited to water ; ).  Sexy, Slim, & Lightweight, it’s what the DolfinPack is all about!


Pre-orders are available on our website and orders will be fulfilled come late August.  If you have any questions, please contact us!

DolfinPack Tees Done!

While our focus is 99.9% on making the best extreme sports hydration pack the world has ever seen, we decided to focus 0.1% on making some badass t-shirts to complement them.  Both of us having worked in the surf / retail industry for over 5 years know what we look for in a t-shirt.  Yeah, designs are cool but anybody with a decent understanding on Photoshop / Illustrator can make a decent looking shirt.  While the design initially sells me on a shirt, my #1 priority is always the quality of the blank tee.


Therefore, I’m proud to say we bought some damn expensive blank t-shirts.  Not just expensive because we thought expensive was better.  No, we tried and tested over ten different blank tees before we decided on these two.  Yeah, the wholesale company was getting pissed at us.


So while we have no plans to become the next big clothing company in the world, don’t be surprised if you see a DolfinPack shirt cruising down the sidewalk coming at you in the months to come.  Not only are the designs pretty bad ass.  Our shirts are as comfortable as they come.


Quick Breakdown of the Tees

Two of our shirts feature the DolfinPack logo front and center.  Bam! One of our tees has a small logo on the side sleeve with a bold, black pocket hand sewed by Vintage Pocket Tees (a local St. Augustine company) on the left chest.  Our fourth and final tee will be a limited edition and is titled “The Most Hydrated Man In The World”.  Hand drawn by Sara Lear specifically for DolfinPack, this tee is bound to be a hit.  Pick it up before we sell out!

DolfinPacks To Come In 4 Unique Colors!

After much deliberation, we have decided on the first four colors DolfinPack will be manufactured in.  We have chosen the original black, an awesome aqua blue, steel grey, and a slick camo print that we think everybody will love.  We can’t wait to make these available to the public. 


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