Stand-Up Paddleboarding

Stand-Up Paddleboarding for anybody who has done it is one heck of a workout. You need hydration, DolfinPack delivers in a water-proof solution that can be completely submerged.

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Running & Biking

Ever wear one of those annoying hydration packs that bounces up and down on your back while you run? Or something that was so bulky and heavy that you’d never want strapped to your back for 50 miles? Look no further, here’s your answer.

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Who brings water out surfing? For anybody who hasn’t experienced it, it’s pretty awesome. The DolfinPack is so form fitting that it can be worn under your wetsuit, rashguard, or surf shirt. The neoprene works as an insulator to keep the water cool.

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Snowboarding & Skiing

The DolfinPack fits securely under your jacket, we promise, you’ll forget it’s there until you get thirsty! We’ve tested and tested this pack in the coldest conditions without flaw, performance issues, or freezing water!

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Kayaking & Fishing

The DolfinPack was made for the water. This is not a back-pack made of traditional fabrics. This is an all weather proof pack that doesn’t care if it takes a dip in the water.

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This was one of the first markets we thought of when building the DolfinPack. Quality hydration while hunting is a must. Easily fitting under or over your jacket, you’ll never worry about dry mouth again.

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